Tests managment in SAP area

The new solution introduction, upgrade or modification of exist SAP systems – these have something in common. The rick creations about nonfunctional of SAP applications and about nonfunctional business company processes. The SAP TEST MANAGEMENT offers thorough examination how modifications and new results will have repercussion on the landscape system. And the SAP TEST MANAGEMENT offers thorough examination critical business processes before getting system to productive process.

The scenario TEST MANAGEMENT in is SOLMAN for efficient test management. Test Management minimalizes risk of errors and conflicts. The Test Management knows reduce cost of time and cost of testing. This tool enables to drive whole process of testing. From planning and reporting to final testing and analysis. Everything is from one place and from one space.

We are checking how a situations are coming. The situations which is need to avoid or better coordination of this situations:

  • Mistakes which are introduced to productive systems
  • Interaction between developers, testers and end users
  • Decentralized testing documentation
  • Miscalculation of testing range
  • Be missing – comprehensive tool for monitoring and tests reporting
  • Knowledge database does not enough exploit

Organization and implementation of functional testing is difficult. 4 problems area are:

  • Testing in heterogenerous system area
  • The analysis of the impact of changes is inadequate
  • Comprehensive testing area and adequate test data
  • Tests automate


SAP SOLUTION MANAGER has function, which help to drive a whole TEST MANAGEMENT from test planning to the individual procedural steps. SAP Solution Manager is benefit for management and for testers (managing users).

View and test managing

Every role can to do only its tasks and functions. Notifications system and delegation ensure good testing. Test manager gains general overview about states.


The change in system (for example by patching) can to have some impact to business processes. This tools can specify which part of system is important to do test. This tool decreases number of testing and decreases total cost


Type of project and its blueprint. The test scenarios are creating. This test scenarios are split to business processes and the business processes are split to process steps. When planning – the structure is split on the packages for testers and test sequence must be set.

Automatic and manual testing

Manual testing – testers follow by defined scenarios

Automatic testing – repeated and simple processes by eCATT

Tester Worklist

Reporting and analysis


Why implementation SOLMAN for tests managing from MERIIS company?

Our company has many years experiences with SAP SOLUTION MANAGER service. We can help you with efficient using SAP SOLUTION MANAGER in SAP system.

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