About us

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Since 2012 we deliver services and solutions worldwide, mainly to US market. Our consultations are focused on the SAP system operation and its optimization. Our solutions are based mainly on SAP Solution Manager.

We help our customers to build SAP information systems of better quality and we optimize the operations. We enable our customers to be more efficient and flexible with their IT in the reaction to the requested changes. The client´s directors appreciate our analytical and structured approach when solving problems and helping them to form their vision and future of their IT. The clients´ employees see us as professionals rich in experience. Managers, as well as IT specialists praise our ability to transform business challenge into IT tasks, and on the other hand to explain the benefits of IT to the business people. Professional approach is an obligation and stems from the experience gained from many successfully delivered projects. As a big advantage we consider the fact that our senior consultants held different kinds of manager positions, and they tried-and-tested the procedures and technologies that we recommend. We build our solutions, services and supplies on the experience of our staff, who regularly works with SAP products in our own landscape; primarily, with various scenarios in SAP Solution Manager.

We have developed our utilities and tools using our own know-how. Our consultancy is not limited to IT only. We know that IT must always support business development. Our consultants have just the right level of business knowledge on the one hand, and IT knowledge on the other one. Therefore, they can act as an intermediary between the business and IT department. This ability is usually used when building SAP Centers of Expertise. Competence Center always stands at the border between “business” and IT needs and appropriately transforms business requirements to IT speech of “modular” and “basis” specialists. Our vision of the future is the operation of SAP systems with fully established end-to-end processes within the Application Lifecycle Management. It is widely supported by SAP Solution Manager Best Practices with the use of the Run SAP methodology, with the help of which the IT environment is documented, developed, tested, monitored and operated. We share the vision with our customers. Our mission is to provide customers with a solution that will help them to efficiently run their SAP systems, to reduce the cost of the ownership of information technology in the long term, and to contribute to the common understanding between business and IT.