SAP Business Network Innovations Give Suppliers More Ways to Grow Their Businesses

Below you will find five innovations that were introduced at the keynote session during the SAP Sapphire event, aiming to assist trading partners in business growth


The world has been in a great deal of turmoil over the past few years. As we continue to face unprecedented times macroeconomically and geopolitically, I’m excited to see that the offerings at SAP continue to rise to meet customers’ challenges.


A total of 17 sessions dedicated to SAP Business Network were hosted during SAP Sapphire in 2023. These sessions provided a valuable platform for sharing insights on how companies can achieve tangible improvements and overcome the diverse challenges within their regional, national, and global supply chains.


During the event, several significant announcements have been unveiled about SAP Business Network.


At the keynote session during the SAP Sapphire event, five additional innovations within the SAP Business Network were introduced, aiming to assist trading partners in quick engagement and business growth. These same innovations will also help buyers find and qualify trading partners more quickly and easily. Currently, SAP is working with early adopters to test these innovations, and we expect them to be generally available in the second half of 2023.


The five innovations announced in the keynote are as follows:


Intelligent supplier insights to provide details about a supplier’s performance on SAP Business Network. Suppliers will be able to gain valuable information about sales performance from 14 key performance metrics that can be taken in at a glance on an intuitive dashboard.


Improved integration that can make onboarding to multiple customers on the network faster and easier. Instead of building unique integration configurations for each customer, we have the ability to leverage existing configurations to connect more quickly and cost-effectively with multiple customers at once, helping to streamline the onboarding process. With this improvement, buyers can more easily bring trading partners into their network and see value that much more quickly.


New marketplace catalogs can enable suppliers to publish their products on SAP Business Network. From the SAP Business Network portal, buyers can search, compare, and make inquiries. With this new addition, trading partners can showcase their products and reach a larger global audience of potential customers.


Intelligent lead matching is the new, enriched service that can connect trading partners with prospective buyers ready to purchase. Instead of cold calling, they now can find the right match on SAP Business Network Discovery (formerly SAP Ariba Discovery).


Enhancements to company profiles can help trading partners stand out from the competition by highlighting credentials and sustainability ratings. With environmental, social, and governance (ESG) at the top of mind for everyone in the C-suite these days, making this kind of information a differentiator for trading partners brings value to everyone. In addition to this, SAP also showcased its partnership with EcoVadis, which provides verified sustainability ratings for trading partners.

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