Methodological SAP support

Providing SAP methodological support for the business area and also for the IT area is an integral part where we will help your company in successful optimization.

Analysis of your SAP environment and identification of places suitable for optimization is an important part for the correct implementation and optimization with which we will help your company.

What are the other things you can contact us about?

ALM adaptation in practice

ALM adaptation in practice

(requirements, design, build, test, deploy, operate, optimize)

Adaptation of ITIL in SAP environment

Adaptation of ITIL in SAP environment

(Service Design, Service Strategy, Service Transition, Service Operation)

Thanks to methodological support, we will ensure the awareness of the new functionalities or current methodological trends.

In cooperation, we will propose suitable solutions and perform an analysis of new business requirements and the associated deliveries of necessary changes and modifications.

Part of the methodological support is also the possibility of training, courses or workshops for users according to predefined parameters.

When focusing on the IT area in a company, we offer support for:

Solving errors, their detection and finding out the causes

Continuous monitoring of a current state of the system and related proposals for optimization

Support for key users in testing